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In GSW we are passionate about innovative and real application solutions. We distinguish ourselves by our diversity. You’ll find it in our clients, our projects and our people. You’ll see it in the questions we’re asked to answer and the services we provide.

As an experienced professional, not only can you look forward to high profile, complex projects. You’ll also be working alongside extraordinary colleagues from around the firm and across the globe. And because of the way we collaborate, you’ll innovate as you achieve, sharing your expertise and developing new skills with every new challenge.

Our professionals participate in a wide variety of projects, advising companies from different industries with specific needs and challenges. This labor requires a clear understanding of the market, as well as a high degree of innovation to propose solutions from different perspectives that impact their business positively.

GSW is such a great place to work, to learn, to grow. We offer inspiring work to students and experienced professionals across Legal, Audit, Tax, Corporate Finance, Consulting, Technology and so on.

In GSW talent become value.

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